19 Jun 2024

Farnham Town welcomes Herrington Carmichael Solicitors as new Club Partner

Farnham Town are pleased to announce a new partnership with Herrington Carmichael Solicitors which sees the law firm become the Club’s new Schools Outreach Programme Partner.

Engaging the local community remains one of our biggest priorities as Farnham Town continue to climb to new heights both on and off the pitch, and in recent years our Schools Outreach Programme has helped provide memories for thousands of young children.

Last season, the Club gave out over 10,000 free match tickets to local schools, inviting families on a free day out to The Memorial Ground to watch the Town as we completed an invincible title-winning season, securing promotion to Step 4 for the first time in our 118-year history.

Each ticket handed to local school children entitles two adults and five children to come down and attend the nominated game for free.

We’re pleased to welcome Herrington Carmichael Solicitors as the partner on this programme moving forward, helping support the Club reach out and connect with local schools in Farnham and the surrounding areas and providing opportunities for young children and families to engage in Sport.

A statement from Herrington Carmichael Solicitors read: “As a full-service law firm based in Farnborough, we are committed to investing in initiatives that support our community and businesses. We highly value relationships and collaboration at Herrington Carmichael, and we see this sponsorship as an opportunity to further strengthen our ties with the Farnham community.

“We have been proudly supporting families and businesses in Farnham for numerous years through our family, property, private client, and corporate legal services and we look forward to continued and new relationships. We are excited to partner with Farnham Town and look forward to collaborating on future projects.”

Ed Kelsing, Club Director said: “Engaging the local schools and community is the most fulfilling part of what we do. With the cost of living going up in addition to how expensive it is to support and follow a Premier League team, giving people the opportunity to come and watch exciting football on their doorstep for free is something we’re very proud of.

“Last season alone, we distributed over 10,000 match tickets to local schools and families, many of whom we saw at The Memorial Ground cheering on Farnham Town to an unbelievable season. It’s been a great way to bring the community together and getting behind their local team.

“This year, Herrington Carmichael will be supporting us in this initiative and we hope to issue even more free tickets to young children and families in the area this coming season – our first at Step 4 level in our history. Inspiring the next generation of Farnham Town fans is essential to the growth of our Club, and the scenes at the end of the season when we lifted the trophy illustrate the memories that we’ve been able to create for those young fans. Hopefully, many more to come!”

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