23 Jun 2022

The Town Teams Up In Support Of Local Foodbank

Community Initiative Means First Team Shirts Will Support Farnham Foodbank.

Farnham Town Football Club is delighted to announce that, thanks to the continued commitment and financial contributions from our community partners, we will be promoting and supporting the work of the Farnham Foodbank over the next two seasons.

The primary focus of this on-going community initiative will see the Farnham Foodbank logo displayed on the front of the Farnham Town first team shirts for all home league matches and on the shirt sleeves for all away games.

The partnership and the ways in which fans can help the work of the Farnham Foodbank will also be promoted in The Clubhouse and around the ground, on the club website, within match reports and news articles, as well as via our social media channels.

Harriet Lanyon, project manager of the Farnham Foodbank, is delighted with the partnership.

“We are extremely excited about the partnership and the support it will bring to the Farnham Foodbank.

Many local people are currently struggling with rising living costs and energy prices.

Any food or financial donations go a long way to helping support these families and individuals at this challenging time”.

Harriet is also extremely grateful for the contributions made by the club’s sponsors and community partners.

“Obviously this is not a typical shirt sponsorship as it is not appropriate that we would consider using our funds for such an activity.

Instead, we are a mutual beneficiary of some extremely kind people and local businesses that not only want to support Farnham Town Football Club, but also wish to promote awareness of Farnham Foodbank and how the wider community can support us”.

Over the course of the next two seasons, Farnham Town Football Club will introduce a number of additional initiatives that will enable the club’s supporters, sponsors and community partners to also support and make donations to the Farnham Foodbank.

These will include food donation collection points inside The Clubhouse and within the ground at all home matches, as well as making entry to at least one home match free for spectators that bring donations to the Foodbank.

Chairman Paul Tanner is proud that the club is able to support such a vital local service.

“It goes without saying how distressing it is that anyone in our local community is going hungry.

With this in mind, the work that Farnham Foodbank does in helping local families in such challenging times is, quite frankly, unbelievable and the club is delighted that we will be able to not only increase awareness of the Foodbank and how people can support it through donations, but also actively support it with our own initiatives”.

The Chairman also praised the support of the club’s community partners.

“Like all football clubs, we are dependant on commercial revenue to cover our expenditure.

Shirt sponsorship is a vital part of this commercial revenue and, together with Farnham Foodback, we are extremely grateful for the support of certain individuals and key community partners who have made it financially possible for Farnham Town Football Club to promote Farnham Foodbank and its work rather than requiring us to use the space to publicise a commercial business”.

If your business would be interested in teaming up with Farnham Town Football Club and assisting our initiative to support the work of Farnham Foodbank by becoming a Farnham Town Community Partner, please contact commercial@ftfconline.com

If you would like to know more about how you can help Farnham Foodbank, please visit https://farnham.foodbank.org.uk/give-help/


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