05 Jul 2023

Farnham Town welcomes Hey! Broadband as 23/24 Ground Sponsor

Farnham Town Football Club is delighted to announce a dynamic partnership with Hey! Broadband, the leading internet provider committed to delivering high-quality internet services at affordable prices. As part of this exciting collaboration, Hey! Broadband will become the official sponsor of Farnham Town’s season tickets and the ground for the upcoming 2023/24 season.

Hey! Broadband is revolutionizing the internet landscape with its reliable and affordable internet solutions, catering to both homeowners and businesses alike. With their competitive pricing starting at just £20 per month, Hey! Broadband is making premium connectivity accessible to all, empowering individuals and enterprises to stay connected with seamless internet access.

Hey! Broadband operates across a wide geographic area, bringing their exceptional services to numerous communities. Their robust infrastructure ensures fast and stable connections, enabling customers to enjoy an uninterrupted online experience. Whether it’s streaming, gaming, remote work, or keeping in touch with loved ones, Hey! Broadband ensures a reliable connection for all your online needs.

By partnering with Farnham Town, Hey! Broadband demonstrates its commitment to supporting the local community and fostering the growth of sports in Farnham. The sponsorship of season tickets and the ground reflects their dedication to enhancing the fan experience and contributing to the overall success of the club.

“We are thrilled to welcome Hey! Broadband as our newest club sponsor for the 2023/24 season,” said Ed Kelsing, Farnham Town Commerical Director.

“Their passion for delivering affordable, high-quality internet aligns perfectly with our club’s values. This partnership not only strengthens our position in the community but also enhances the matchday experience for our loyal supporters.”

Hey! Broadband’s sponsorship of Farnham Town Football Club represents an exciting collaboration between two parties deeply committed to serving their respective communities. Through this partnership, Hey! Broadband aims to reinforce its presence in Farnham while providing valuable support to the local sports scene.

For more information about Hey! Broadband and their exceptional internet services, please visit their website at www.heybroadband.com.

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